Having raised peaches his entire life, Truman Reeves know just what to look for when choosing ripe peaches.

With spring arriving in Vernon, Al. the peach buds started blooming at Reeves peach orchard.

Truman Reeves cruises through his orchard spraying his peach trees on a rainy spring day. Reeves, in his 70's, operates the orchard with his wife.

After thinning out several older trees that didn't survive the winter, Truman Reeves planted new ones.

Mrs. Reeves sets up the baskets of peaches for sale while Truman is out picking.

Bushel baskets of peaches are on sale at the Reeves home near Vernon, Al.

Fred Taylor, left, and Truman Reeves harvest the ripe peaches. Truman and his friend Fred still do all the picking themselves by hand.

Another group of peaches ready for picking.

Fred Taylor hitches a ride on the trailer as Truman Reeves drives to the next row of trees.

With a flick of the wrist, Truman Reeves tosses the peaches into the right basket.

Fred Taylor reaches high for another ripe peach as the morning sun shines through the branches.

The bushel baskets fill up quickly as Truman Reeves empties yet another bucket.

Another one ready to put on the trailer.

The peaches keep coming as Truman Reeves brings in another batch.

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