Jean is a spirited lady who loves her lap dog, Princess, and her plants. Although confined to a motorized chair and oxygen, Jean doesn't let that slow her down. She routinely drives her chair downtown to do shopping, and to walk her dog.

Jimmy "D" was once a successful business owner, and was listed on Dun & Bradstreet. But through some health problems, and the twists and turns of life, Jim now lives in a small 2-bedroom apt. With his wife and son. Jim can still muster a smile though.

Annie wears the signs of growing older with a lot of style. She lost her husband to cancer several years ago, and has survived cancer herself. Annie says she does get lonely at times, but fond memories and keeping busy daily helps.

The stray cats in the Projects have found that Annie is always there to feed them. Annie is 91-years-old, legally blind and still lives by herself. She has a big heart, and can't stand to see the cats go hungry.

Although Annie can only see a little out the side of her eyes, she does her best to make sure all the cats get some food. She patiently waits until they are all finished.

After all the cats have finished, Annie heads back inside her apartment to make herself something to eat. Feeding the stray cats is part of Annie's daily routine.

Mr. Newman is another one of the folks who calls the projects home. He never married and lives alone. Newman used to be a very avid reader, and recently donated over 1,000 of his books to the library in Tuscaloosa, Al.

Lee does enjoy being outdoors. Throwing out bread for the birds is one of his activities, besides thinking of new ways to make some spending money. Lee has had a rough life, but quitting is not in his vocabulary.

After putting out some bread for the birds, Lee Northam walks back to his apartment in the projects. Lee usually spends the morning at the community center across the street, then heads home for a little nap.

On nice days you can find Lee sitting on his porch. Lee is a recovering alcholic and ex-con who has turned his life around. From being in and out of jail to getting shot by police, Lee has had quite a life to say the least.

Hilma Blansett, who used to own a cafe in downtown Vernon, Alabama, now lives alone and deals with lung disease. She is on oxygen 24 hours a day, and rarely leaves her apartment.

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