Jessica Jernigan has a tattoo of a cross on her ankle, as a constant reminder of who her Saviour is. She also has Jesus' last words tattooed, Tetelestai. It is Greek for, "It is finished." Jesus' last words from the cross."It is a good reminder that no matter what I face in life, He has already overcome it for me." says Jernigan.

Jessica Jernigan has a heart tattooed on her back for a friend. " My best friend Amanda and I got them together after being reunited after several years apart. We are always there for each other no matter the distance in between. Oregon state is in the center of my heart while Mississippi State is in the center of hers." said Jernigan.

Casey Holbrooks is a young Christian man with several tattoos. All of his tattoos are in places where they can be covered easily. There are two reasons for that Holbrooks says, "1) Respect. Some people hate them and I don't want to disrespect there beliefs. 2) They are for me. I didn't get my tattoos for anyone but myself." Each of Holbrooks tattoos has either a reason or a memory behind it. "My sleeve was built around one idea. The verse Jeremiah 29:11 on the inside of my arm. I put it there as a reminder to myself that even when things feel like there's no point I can look at it and remember there is a plan for my life even if I don't know it. It doesn't change the promise that was made." Said Holbrooks. Casey is very involved with his church and spends a great deal of time with the youth there.

Andy Setiawan is a survivor. He has been free of his addiction to self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts for almost seven years now. " I got my tattoo to remind me that God is always in control." Andy had Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God, tattooed on his hand so that it was a constant reminder to have faith everytime life tried to knock him down. Andy is heavily involved in his church, and spends a lot of time ministering to youth.

Kara Price is a hard working, married, mother of two, and has a tattoo to show her belief and faith. "I decided to get this tattoo because my mother and her family grew up catholic. My moms mother died of cancer so having the rosary on me is in memory of her and her faith. I added the rose because my middle name is Rose, as was my grandmothers. By the grace of God, I'm saved." Says Price.

Paulie DeMarco does another tattoo on his wife, Haley. DeMarco is a tattoo artist in Columbus, Mississippi, but more importantly, he's a Christian man, husband and father. "Being able to bring to life my beliefs through my tattoos is a huge blessing to me," says DeMarco. "Glorifying God in my line of work was unheard of until recently. So being able to take part in this has made my work/passion more important than I could ever imagine," he said.

Paulie DeMarco, a Christian tattoo artist and owner of Supa Dupa Tats in Columbus, Ms. puts the finishing touches on his wifes tattoo. Both DeMarco and his wife Haley use the medium of tattoos to share the word of God.

This tattoo represents breaking away from past traumas in her life, Haley Pridmore said. "We all go through valleys in life that can make us or break us but we have three choices.  We can let it define who we are, we can let it destroy us or we can let it strengthen us.  God has a plan for our lives but which path we choose is up to us," Pridmore said.

Haley Pridmore got her Angel wings tattoo to remind her of her father who passed away when she was 12. "He was buried on Christmas Eve and this was so hard on me.  On such a special time of year, I am reminded about losing my hero.  This tattoo reminds me that when we pass away that we gain our wings so we are able to fly towards Heaven to be with our lost loved ones," says Pridmore. Haley and her husband, Paulie, share a strong Christian faith and use tattoos as a way of spreading that faith to others.

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